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    Permission to enter this website and to access content provided through it is strictly limited to consenting adults who affirm under oath and subject to penalties of perjury under title 28 U. is to get our seniors online together by offering a great place for seniors citizen and elder crowd to interact with each other, and talk about religion, sports, life, relationships, family, romance, friendship, politics, retirement plans, health, insurance and about anything in mature way.

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    These small vintage anvils were made for a variety of reasons.Some mini antique anvils were given out or sold as souvenirs at the early Expositions that were once a large part of the American scene back in the late 1800's and into the early 1900's.getting hard to find and there are far more new and reproduction miniature anvils on the market than there use to be which has dampened interest and hurt this collectible in more ways than just the value. Hundreds of new and reproduction anvils can be found there.Many offered as vintage or antique using the definition of older than some. I am particularly interested in small anvils that have some sort of interesting characteristic, be it raised letter advertising, or incised lettering, dates, or other info cast or inscribed on the anvil. Send me an email to HABA Webmaster : Richard Boswell listing the ad the way you want it to read, and then let me know when we can delete it. All items are for pick up only, I will not offer shipping or delivery on any items.If you are selling anvils please try to include weight and basic dimension. Metal stand that had a dual squirrel cage mounted on it. Various smaller grinders, ranging in price from - . If items are still here in February I'll be taking them to the scrap yard and selling them for the scrap weight. K.) 16810 Christo and Jeanne-Claude 12638 Christoph 'Doom' Schneider 27314 Christoph Waltz 15437 Christoph Willibald Gluck 26917 Christopher Allport 18323 Christopher Atkins 17093 Christopher Bowman 24480 Christopher Buckley 24127 Christopher Ciccone 01492 Christopher Columbus 05423 Christopher Cross 22897 Christopher Cuomo 09327 Christopher Daniels 19436 Christopher Darden 24374 Christopher Dean 19976 Christopher Dodd 11975 Christopher Eccleston 21072 Christopher Gorham 03409 Christopher Guest 16082 Christopher Hart 00188 Christopher Hewett 12467 Christopher Hitchens 21302 Christopher Isherwood 09627 Christopher Judge 11122 Christopher Kimball 07920 Christopher Knight 04649 Christopher Lambert 04870 Christopher Lee 03659 Christopher Lloyd 05358 Christopher Lowell 12544 Christopher Marlowe 09385 Christopher Masterson 25228 Christopher Mayer 21314 Christopher Mc Candless 18308 Christopher Mc Donald 04665 Christopher Meloni 22764 Christopher Mintz-Plasse 10267 Christopher Nolan 08258 Christopher Nowinski 15498 Christopher Offord 20010 Christopher Paolini 11361 Christopher Plummer 00798 Christopher Reeve 13912 Christopher Robin Milne 21484 Christopher Scarver 04334 Christopher Sholes 05289 Christopher Smart 05406 Christopher Titus 21827 Christopher Tolkien 00710 Christopher Walken 22847 Christopher Wolstenholme 22426 Christy Brown 03537 Christy Canyon 12925 Christy Chung 18144 Christy Fichtner 12639 Christy Hemme 01092 Christy Martin 12503 Christy Mathewson 08089 Christy Romano 07861 Christy Smith 00894 Christy Turlington 12964 Chubby Checker 22166 Chuck (TV) 24094 Chuck Baldwin 02900 Chuck Barris 14474 Chuck Bednarik 10218 Chuck Berry 12895 Chuck Connors 17904 Chuck D 12277 Chuck Daly 04650 Chuck E. MTV Raps) 12551 Doctor Who (TV Series) 22435 Dodi Al-Fayed 23399 Dody Goodman 09483 Dog Star 22493 Dokken 02448 Dolce & Gabbana 25888 Dolla 14779 Dolley Madison 02300 Dolly 12549 Dolly Neely 02049 Dolly Parton 24249 Dolores Claman 23027 Dolores Costello 12388 Dolores Del Rio 21562 Dolores Erickson 15124 Dolores Fuller 23217 Dolores Hope 25240 Dolores Huerta 00825 Dolores O'Riordan 04186 Dolph Lundgren 14813 Dolph Schayes 21589 Dolph Sweet 20053 Dom Capers 11367 Dom De Luise 25794 Dom Di Maggio 03742 Dom Helder Camara 09732 Dom Irrera 06670 Dom Joly 15894 Dom Perignon 26999 Domata Peko 19350 Domenico Modugno 15143 Domenico Scarlatti 03056 Dominic Barbara 13213 Dominic Chianese 09320 Dominic Griffin 22846 Dominic Howard 11595 Dominic Monaghan 17445 Dominic Purcell 19351 Dominic West 07063 Dominica 04430 Dominican Republic 26844 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 06569 Dominick Dunne 10879 Dominik Hasek 15353 Dominique Dawes 09844 Dominique Dunne 00329 Dominique Moceanu 23149 Dominique Reighard 04959 Dominique Simone 02966 Dominique Swain 18053 Dominique Wilkins 15966 Domino Harvey 27029 Domitian 18382 Don 'Big Daddy' Garlits 02060 Don Adams 04304 Don Ameche 10183 Don Arden 27297 Don Baylor 12457 Don Bluth 11355 Don Bradman 09682 Don Cheadle 04136 Don Cherry 15640 Don Cornelius 22127 Don Diamont 04153 Don Drysdale 15246 Don Dunphy 26707 Don Felder 04790 Don Francisco 07522 Don Gorske 17671 Don Haskins 16440 Don Henderson 04889 Don Henley 20486 Don Herbert 26647 Don Hewitt 16811 Don Ho 00315 Don Imus 04155 Don Jeffcoat 00625 Don Johnson 00379 Don King 00006 Don Knotts 18789 Don La Fontaine 10293 Don Lapre 01956 Don Larsen 18282 Don Lind 13591 Don Marquis 04782 Don Martin 18395 Don Matthews 09617 Don Mattingly 11657 Don Mc Lean 15783 Don Meredith 16415 Don Messick 10072 Don Muraco 20259 Don Nelson 03928 Don Novello 09486 Don Ohlmeyer 05106 Don Pardo 23248 Don Pendleton 02579 Don Rickles 25336 Don Robinson 07572 Don S.

    I have to wonder if the original authors waited these two years for a reply to their questions. Thus, without markings, a lot of anvils look alike. Should have a two-piece body of wrought iron and a steel plate. For pick up, I would think -3 per pound would be in the ballpark.

    However, if you see a serial number on the front foot it is by one of the three. It occurs to me that you might not have noticed the message posting dates, such as this one here. What is known as 'the London pattern' lasted for about 120 or so years.

    In the later years these were provided by a separate vendor and were usually not wrought iron, as was the top half.

    note: if photo does not enlarge on clicking it, then save it to you computer and then zoom it! He doesn't want to deal with tire kickers, therefore I am the designated hitter. The overall condition, in my opinion,of the hammer is excellent. 2nd owner -1st stored it 40 years, 2nd stored it 20 years. I am selling off most of my blacksmith shop due to our moving to Ireland and none of my electric tools will work over there. Large LP tank, 40 Lb and a smaller one like used with bbq grills, for both or for larger, for smaller. I'm about 265 miles from Houston but we might be able to work something out in between. He is fanatical about taking care of things and keeping everything clean.

    The hammer came from another knifemaker in Floresville 20 years ago. Here's a list of items I have for sale, I'll send pictures of some of the things, most are self explanatory. Custom made 1/4" steel plate coke forge, the fire pot needs to be tacked back into place, I removed it so that it was a little lighter while moving, the wheels also need to be replaced, I miss judged the weight of the forge and the wheels I used didn't stand up beyond two moves. He bought only the best and they have not been used heavily. I am selling the contents of my dad's machine shop in Northeast Oklahoma.

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