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    Threatening and intimidating streetsmartdating com

    Most situations of felony threatening & intimidating involve gang activity and retribution against persons who inform the police of criminal activity.Unless the threat is contained on a letter, a voice mail, a text message, an email, or some other stored form of communication, the charges often result in a "he said, she said" and may be very difficult to prove or disprove without the presence of an independent witness to corroborate the claims of the alleged victim.According to the California Penal Code Section 422 and 422.6 explains that intimidating a person with words or actions with intent to cause them physical harm or damage their property can constitute a threatening and intimidating charge.Anyone found guilty of this offense could face up to one year in a county jail and/or a fine up to ,000.A conviction could result in mandatory prison, fines, and probation.Because of the harsh penalties, these cases must be handled by an experienced threatening and intimidating lawyer who understands the severity of the charges and will advocate for your best interest.When charged or arrested for domestic violence threatening or intimidating, it is critical that you consult a seasoned Phoenix threatening or intimidating attorney immediately.

    Tempe Attorney for Threatening or Intimidating Charges If you have been charged with threatening or intimidating someone in Maricopa County, attorney James Novak can help you during this critical time.Most domestic violence threatening cases are charged under Arizona Revised Statue 13-1202(a)(1) which states that an individual commits the crime of intimidating or threatening when the defendant threatens or intimidates either by action or words to commit serious damage to the victim's property or to physically injure the other person.Because such a large number of threat charges arise almost solely from the allegations of the accuser, a person charged with this offense in Phoenix should have an attorney representing them who has vast trial experience and knows how to effectively cross examine the prosecution's witnesses.The court could also order the defendant to fulfill 400 hours of mandatory community service.Threatened violence that the individual is capable of carrying out, can result in criminal charges.When you threaten a member of your household and speak words of violence to them, you could be faced with harsh punishments.This type of behavior can easily escalate and lead to more severe charges including harassment, spousal abuse or child abuse.A felony charge is a "strike" offense under California's three strike law.If you are facing a threatening and intimidating charge, then speak with a San Bernardino domestic violence attorney from our firm without delay.Rather, they will solely base their decision to prosecute on whether the alleged victim felt threatened or intimidated.Matthew Lopez is an experienced threatening and intimidating defense attorney who knows how to fight cases and work with prosecutors in order to provide clients with the highest level of legal representation.Even if an individual has no intention of causing any harm to the victim, it is a criminal offense to threaten to cause physical injury or serious property damage.In most instances, the offense is charged as a misdemeanor.Davidson will fight for you and put his experience as a former felony prosecutor to work for you.

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